VS: al 21 doden door terreur van BLM en Antifa

Sinds het begin van de terreurgolf van ‘Black Lives Matter’ (BLM) en Antifa in de VS zijn nu al 21 doden gevallen door geweld veroorzaakt door of samenhangend met de betogingen.  Daaronder zeker 6 moorden: sommigen om de slachtoffers te kunnen beroven, andere waarbij opzettelijk mensen in uniform worden doodgeschoten.  De slachtoffers zijn doorgaans geen veroordeelde criminelen zoals George Floyd, maar brave huisvaders, mensen die hun werk doen of hardwerkende winkeliers. Onder hen mensen van alle rassen, maar toch opvallend vaak zwarten: ook deze keer maakt het zwarte geweld blijkbaar vooral zwarte doden.  Hier een kleine selectie vanop Wikipedia, die we niet vertalen uit het originele Engels:

May 27

  • In Minneapolis, Calvin Horton Jr. died after being fatally shot during a protest. A local shop owner was arrested, and police sources claimed that Horton was involved in looting of his store.

May 29

  • In Detroit, a 21-year-old man was killed when his car was fired upon in Downtown Detroit. Although police believed the incident had no connection to the protests, he was nevertheless fatally shot in the middle of the demonstrations against police brutality.

May 30

  • In Oakland, California, amid unrest, a Federal Protective Service officer, David Patrick Underwood, was fatally shot outside a federal courthouse in a drive-by attack that also wounded another guard. At the time of the shooting, Underwood was providing security at the courthouse during a protest. The Department of Homeland Security has labeled the shooting an act of domestic terrorism. The FBI is investigating but had not yet identified a motive or a suspect as of May 31. Although initially the police were not sure that the shooting was connected to the protests, on June 2, investigators said they believed the attackers were targeting uniformed officers, but were not clear who carried out the attack.

    David Patrick Underwood


  • In St. Louis, Missouri, 29-year-old protester Barry Perkins died after being run over by a FedEx truck that was fleeing from looters.
  • In Omaha, Nebraska, 22-year-old protester James Scurlock was fatally shot outside of a bar. The shooter was the owner of the bar, who had a scuffle with a group of protesters and ended up firing several shots, one of which struck Scurlock in the clavicle, killing him.  Two days later, authorities announced that there would be no charges for the bar’s owner and that he had opened fire in self-defense. Later, however, after pushback, the matter was referred to a grand jury for review.
  • In Kettering, Ohio, 22-year-old Sarah Grossman, a recent graduate of Ohio State University, died in hospital from acute respiratory issues after she was in a group sprayed with tear gas at a demonstration in Columbus, Ohio. An autopsy is pending.

May 31

  • In Indianapolis, two people were fatally shot in the vicinity of protests or riots downtown. One of them was 18-year-old African-American man Dorian Murell, killed around 2:30am on June 1; a 29-year-old white man turned himself in to the police, maintaining Murell had pushed him down, and was subsequently charged with murder on June 2. The other was 38-year-old Chris Beaty, a local business owner, who was shot shortly before midnight May 31.
Chris Beaty
  • In Kansas City, Missouri, 50-year-old Marvin Francois was shot and killed by robbers while picking up one of his sons from a protest.[158]
Marvin Francois
John Tiggs

June 1

  • In Louisville, local restaurateur David McAtee was killed as a Louisville Metro Police and Kentucky National Guard curfew patrol fired at him.[160] Authorities allege that the patrol returned gunfire after McAtee fired at them.[160] However, McAtee’s alleged gunshot occurred after the patrol appeared to fire a pepper ball into McAtee’s restaurant, nearly striking his niece in the head.[160] According to the victim’s sister, the gathering was not a protest but rather a regularly scheduled social gathering at which McAtee served food from his barbecue restaurant.[161] An investigation of the killing is ongoing.[162][163] LMPD Chief Steve Conrad was fired later that day, as officers and troops involved in the shooting did not wear or failed to activate body cameras.[164] Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer admitted that the city had shown an “inability to apply [curfew] evenly.”[160]
  • In Davenport, Iowa, two people were fatally shot on a night with significant rioting.[165] One of the victims was 22-year-old Italia Marie Kelly in an apparent random shooting as she was leaving a demonstration.[165]
  • In Cicero, Illinois, two men were fatally shot in separate incidents following an “afternoon of unrest”; this was confirmed by Cicero Police.[166] Town spokesman Ray Hanania said the shots were fired by “outside agitators.”[167] The two men were both described as bystanders and were identified as 28-year-old Jose Gutierrez and 27-year-old Victor Cazares Jr.[168][169]
  • In Las Vegas, police shot and killed Jorge Gomez. Gomez was walking among protesters as a demonstration was coming to an end and reportedly reached for his firearm when he was shot.[170] In a separate incident in Las Vegas, police officer Shay Mikalonis was hospitalized in critical condition with a head wound after being shot by Edgar Samaniego while Mikalonis and other offers were arresting protesters near Circus Circus Hotel and Casino.[171][172]

June 2

  • In Philadelphia, a man was fatally shot by the owner of the gun shop Firing Line Inc., while trying to break into the store in the south section of the city.[173] Mayor Jim Kenney said he was “deeply troubled” by the killing and that he did not condone vigilantism.[174]
  • In Philadelphia, during the fourth day of unrest, a 24-year-old man was severely injured after attempting to use an explosive device to destroy an ATM machine. He was rushed to a local hospital before being pronounced dead.[175]
  • In St. Louis, 77-year-old retired police captain David Dorn was shot and killed by looters at a pawn shop.[176] The shooting was reportedly streamed on Facebook live.[155]


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