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We bring political-incorrect news in Dutch: this is the language of 23 million people, living in the north of Belgium, Flanders (6 million) and the Netherlands (17 million).  It is the 8th most spoken language in the EU.  We work in the neighbourhood of Brussels, the capital of Belgium and the EU.

Here is were we live and work in Europe:


The Netherlands are a state, Belgium is a state, Flanders is in Belgium a region, and Brussels is in Belgium a capital region.  It’s complicated.

Reactnieuws started up around 2012 because of a strong sense of irritation with the mainstream media (MSM).  Especially in Flanders, the northern Dutchspeaking part of Belgium, of wich Brussels is the capital, all media (both printed or broadcasting) or eighter state controlled or strongly state sponsored.  As a result, they are all liberal and left-wing; while Flanders votes in elections 80% centre and to the right, polls show that 80% of journalists votes left or even extreme left (communist).

Over the years, reactnieuws has earned its place under the free media in Flanders and the Netherlands.  We especially specialise in bringing the news about Belgium and the Netherlands that the MSM don’t want or don’t dare to bring: rapes and crimes by foreigners in Belgium, islamisation, lack of security, fraud and corruption by the political elite and the EU, and the activities and statements by brave populist rightwing politicians who stand up for their people.

As one of the only media in Flanders, we strongly supported the democratic Brexit-decision in the UK.  We also respect and defend the right of Americans to choose President Donald J. Trump as their President.

Our writers have a profound experience and knowledge of the political situation in Belgium, especially in Brussels and in the EU-institutions.  We can communicate in English, Dutch, French and German.  If you have any questions for us or if you are interested in working with us, please contact us on or using the private message-function of our Facebookpage.  

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